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Please be advised that this product has a tasteful explicit taste. No alcohol added But you won’t miss it.

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Global Non-alcoholic beverages Market Is Expected to Reach USD 1732.7 million by 2028

How drinking habits have changed during lockdown.

IWSR Report: No- And Low-Alcohol Products Gaining Market Share.

A market ready to be conquered

NOLO drinks market to grow 34% by 2024.

Why the sober industry will be worth US$1.44 trillion by 2025.

Nonalcoholic Drinks Grow In Popularity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Why non-alcoholic drinks are rising in popularity.

Why the non-alcoholic drinks market is finally taking off.


URB will shake up and disturb the non-alcoholic drink segment with a completely new-to-the-world drink.


You can invest starting from 250 euros and depending on the size of your investment, we offer something from URB in return immediately. Leave your details and join us on this amazing trip to create the coolest non-alcoholic drink on Earth!

For the first, and yes only for the first key investor willing to invest € 50.000+,- URB will reward the investment with a unique and one of a kind full size 250cm x 150cm Bram Reijnders URB artwork (RSP €10.000). BUT REMEMBER: URB has 1 Piece only!

Buying our shares makes you co-owner of URB Luxury Drinks. All investors will become part of our URB Investment cooperation which will buy shares from Urb.Licensing BV and distribute these amongst the investors. You manage your shares through the Eyevestor platform. This platform has a very solid track record in successfully funding many new and sustainable lovebrands, dedicated to buying and selling shares.


What are we going to spend the money on

By investing in URB, you are investing in a company with the ambition and drive to shake up the drinks industry on a global scale. As a co-owner you are part of a bold community that will help us to build a solid non-alcoholic fanbase.

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URB will open for outside investors April 4th. We expect a lot of interest. Subscribe today to seize the opportunity to be the first to secure this investment without any commitment.

Once we launch the capital raise you will be given a three day decision period to secure your investment. After this the shares will be released and offered to outside investors. Select your package today and secure your share in URB without any commitment!

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